Do you remember POGS? Well here in SoCal and I’m sure elsewhere they are making a comeback, except they are called TAZOS. They are all the rage for elementary aged kiddos. Mine included. Only problem is, you can only find them in bags of chips AND those bags of chips are from Mexico! I guess I’m lucky that I live in San Diego, where every once in a while you’ll walk into a store that sells the Tositos that have the TAZOS inside them. AND I’m not sure who is doing the quality control on these but 3 of the bags we bought that were labeled as having TAZOS…were empty!!!!

So he has managed to collect about 10 of them so far. You know, to save time and effort, I could go the ebay route and bid on some for my son (the last bid went up to $80.00 for about 40 of them…whoa!), but I have to admit, I’m starting to get into the “thrill of the hunt”. Which one will he get? Will it be the limited edition metal one? Will he get a duplicate? It also gives my son and I something that WE do together, as silly as that seems.

I know he will forget about TAZOS as soon as the next CRAZE comes around, (just like he did with Bey Blades, Magic Beans, etc…). But, I will cherish the memory of our TAZOS hunts always. What are the silly little things that you do with/for your kids?


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