Nailed it!

I’m not one to get my nails done at a salon, I mean once in a while I’ll get a manicure with my pedicure (if the price is right), but I definitely take care of the toes more than the fingers. My husband has even mentioned that my hands look like a second grader’s with my chipped nail polish and short short nails. BUT my neighbor always has these crazy 3D designs and bright colors on her very long nails. Quite the conversation piece, in fact. About every month she rocks a new theme on her fingers. Two months ago it was a masquerade theme. Last month, sunflowers. Then this month she asked me if I wanted to get mine done.

The woman Angelica who does her nails, comes over once a month from Tijuana to her home and spends hours working on client’s nails all day, who have been waiting a month or two to see Angelica, apparently she is gaining popularity and now it is difficult to get an appointment with her unless your willing to go see her across the border. Well, I guess it was my lucky day, because a client unexpectedly had to cancel and her next appointment wasn’t for two hours so she had an open spot. I thought, why not treat myself to a bit of pampering and get a jumpstart on getting into both the Halloween and Day of the Dead spirit?

Turns out Angelica is an artist. She actually sculpts the design onto the nails. It’s nuts! And Beautiful. Angelica actually just won a contest for a nail design she created based on the movie Gremlins and will be traveling to Mexico City to compete in a national competition.

Now, I thought I went a bit crazy with my nails, turns out, not so much, as a matter of fact, Angelica said that my nails and art were the shortest and most simple design she has ever done.

Now I know fake nails aren’t for everyone and some people consider them quite tacky, but I thought this was super fun and like the results. This to me went beyond Nails, it IS art. I thought is was pretty amazing! No nail decals here!

I went for a Calavera with teal flower (Skull) and fuchsia sculpted tips with glitter.

Here is one of Angelica’s winning nail designs.

Angelicas’s Halloween design’s on one of her client’s. Yes, I guess mine are pretty “simple” compared to these!

Chucky and Scream. She sculpts this all by hand as she is doing the nails. It’s quite incredible to watch. The results are 3D.

I just love October. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. What do you do to get into the Halloween spirit?



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